It’s important to us that the Mineral sellers we work with have a great experience with us. Here are just a few sellers that had great experiences with JRS Land Co. when selling their mineral rights.

And want to share your own experience with us? Send us a note to let us know what working with JRS Land Co. has been like for you.

I liked how I was able to deal with a local company, JRS Land Company got it done and got it done fast!
Roger W.
I really needed to sell fast, had some emergency financial hardship but JRS Land Company treated me with all respect and fairness and got it done. THANK YOU!
Darrin P.
I was very surprise how easy it was to sell my minerals, I didn’t feel taken advantage of at all and actually learned a lot during the process, thank you again JRS Land Company!
Rebecca A.
Working with JRS Land Company LLC was very easy, would recommend! Thank you JRS Land Company!
Julie W.
JRS Land Company came through in my time of financial need. I signed with JRS Land Company and within 20 days they came through with the cash I needed. I truly thank them for their honesty and effort to close in a timely manner.
Trudy W.
Honesty, integrity and hard work, that’s how I would describe my experience with JRS Land Company.
Carol S.
I never trusted oil and gas companies until I sold my mineral rights to JRS Land Company. The land agent I dealt with was Brad and he drove 4 hours to my house in Northern Ohio to go over and explain in detail how the process works. Thanks for making my decision to sell so easy!
Curtis S.
It took me 6 months to decide that it was the right decision to sell my mineral rights. The land agents Brad and Brian were there every step of the way. Never once did they get annoyed or tell me I had 2 weeks to make a decision before they moved on. Thanks JRS Land Company!
Walter A.
I have never dealt with an oil and gas company in the 30 years I’ve owned my property where the owner took time out of his day to call me and explain and resolve the issues with my property. I never thought the 50 acres would ever be cleared so I could sell them. Thanks Robert!
Effie H.
I never thought that I would ever get to retire and move closer to my kids. JRS Land Company made that possible. Thanks for the great experience!
Frank Z.
JRS Land Company paid off my house and all my debt. If it wasn’t for them my children and I would be out of a home. I can’t thank them enough.
Tracy C.
Selling my minerals to JRS Land Company was a smooth and easy process. A big thanks to the ladies in the office who were always there to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction!
Tammy W.
Brad with JRS Land Company worked diligently with me to come to a mutual agreement on selling my mineral rights. I was able to keep a little interest for the future and get some cash now. Thanks for making my decision the right one!
David B.
JRS Land Company got back to me after I called in within 24 hours and had a map, lease and all the information on my property. I had a price within 48 hours of calling in. JRS Land Company was professional and got to me in a timely manner. Thanks for the great experience!
Michael E.
Brian with JRS Land Company was wonderful. He was patient and very helpful. JRS Land Company allowed me to sell 25% of my mineral rights to pay my wife’s medical bills. That left me with 75% interest for the future and my kids. I would highly recommend them.
Tom S.
What an all-around great experience. I never thought selling my mineral rights could be so easy. Thanks JRS Land Company!
Shirley B.
I signed two leases with two different companies and they never paid me or released the leases. JRS Land Company battled the drilling companies on my behalf with their own money so I didn’t have to pay out of pocket. They won the battle and got the leases released and bought my mineral rights. What a blessing and I couldn’t have done it without JRS Land Company!
Kenneth D.
Selling my mineral rights to JRS Land Company allowed me to pay off my house right before my first child was born. It allowed my wife to stay at home and take care of our daughter. Thank you for your honesty and professional manner in which you conducted business.
Greg O.
I only had 10 acres but really wanted to sell. After being turned down by several companies JRS Land Company agreed to purchase my mineral rights and it all worked out. Thanks for coming through in my time of need.
Michael B.
There was not one person at JRS Land Company that wasn’t helpful. What a wonderful company to work with. Great experience!
Cindy S.
From the time I signed with JRS Land Company until the closing they were with me every step of the way. They called and touched base with me through the whole process. Thanks JRS!
Gene H.
I heard so many horror stories of people signing contracts and never getting paid. It even happened to me. Brad came to my house and sat down with my wife and I three times before I signed. JRS Land Company followed through and I got my money. Early retirement here I come!
Richard K.
Brian, Brad and Robert with JRS Land Company worked diligently on my property to come to an agreement to buy my mineral rights. Thanks for all the hard work, patience and honestly!
Jonathan S.
To everyone at JRS Land Company, thank you for putting my trust back into the oil and gas business. The experience has been wonderful.
Martha P.
Selling my mineral rights to JRS Land Company was as easy as it gets. It even allowed my wife and I to retire early to Florida. Sunshine state here we come!
Ronald W.
Honest, patient and hardworking sums it up for me. Thank you JRS Land Company!
Dan B.
JRS Land Company followed through on everything they told me they were going to do. I signed with another company, who I will not mention, before I went with JRS Land Company. 90 days passed by and they never paid me or had the professionalism to call and tell me. So I decided to sign with JRS Land Company and within 60 calendar days they had full certified title and were ready to close. A wonderful gentleman named Brad came to my house, picked up my wife and I drove us to the bank and dropped us off back at home. Within 8 hours of closing the money was deposited in my back account. Thanks JRS Land Company for the wonderful experience.
Ed Y.